All Related, Each Unique: The Marshfield Cultural Fair

The Marshfield Cultural Fair is a project of the Marshfield Cultural Fair Association (MCFA) of Marshfield, Wisconsin and its partners: the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point at Marshfield Office of Continuing Education & Marshfield Social Justice. MCFA is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of the Marshfield Area Chamber Foundation.

The Goals of the Marshfield Cultural Fair

The goals of the Marshfield Cultural Fair are to:
Increase awareness and understanding of, and pride in, the cultural and ethnic diversity of the community.
Create an atmosphere of neighborly celebration.
Educate the community about the international/ethnic/cultural connections of its individuals, businesses and organizations.
Bring ethnic minorities into the community mainstream.

Congratulations to our winners!

The Cultural Fair committee ran a Yard Sign Competition to promote acceptance of ALL people. Marshfield students, grades 4-7, were invited to participate in creating a Yard Sign design using the words, “All Are Welcome”. Workshops on three different Saturday mornings at three different locations were offered.

The two best designs were chosen to be enlarged and printed on a beautiful yard sign. These signs are on sale at the fair on Saturday, Feb. 23rd.